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Macom Unveils New GaN S-band Products

By Caleb Henry | September 30, 2014
      Macom GaN

      350 Wpk GaN Power Pallet, MAPG-002729-350L00. Photo: Macom

      [Via Satellite 09-30-2014] Macom has released a new set of surface mount S-Band Gallium Nitride (GaN) power products: the 30 Wpk and 85 Wpk hybrid GaN amplifiers and a 350 Wpk pallet option based on aluminum. The new products are specialized for applications in commercial air traffic control, weather radar and military radar.

      The 30 Wpk hybrid amplifier measures 7x7mm, the 85 Wpk amplifier measures and 14x24mm and the 350 Wpk pallet measures 51x23mm. The devices provide integrated solutions that leverage commercial best practices for high-volume manufacturing. According to Macom, this results in improved assembly yield, lower component count, and reduced touch labor among other benefits.