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Macom Unveils New Up-Converter for 28 to 34 GHz

By Caleb Henry | September 24, 2014
      Macom upconverter

      The MAUC-011003 Up-converter. Photo: Macom

      [Via Satellite 09-24-2014] Macom has released the MAUC-011003 up-converter specialized for 28 to 34 GHz point-to-point radio applications. The device is designed for point-to-point radios in both Lower Sideband (LSB) and Upper Sideband (USB) operation as well as Ka-Band VSAT applications.

      The new integrated up-converter has a typical conversion gain of 12 dB, an image rejection of 15 dBc and is integrated with a LO doubler, LO buffer amplifier, and RF buffer amplifier. The MAUC-011003 is assembled in a lead-free 4 mm 24-lead PQFN plastic package. According to Macom, the device eliminates the need for a Tx filter.