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Lockheed Martin Unveils Reprogrammable A2100 Satellite Bus With Dual Launch Capability

By Caleb Henry | September 9, 2014
      Lockheed A2100

      Artist’s rendering of the A2100. Photo: Lockheed Martin

      [Via Satellite 09-09-2014] Lockheed Martin has announced two new upgrades to the A2100 satellite bus, which the company has been aggressively renovating to play a more prominent role in the commercial sector. The improved bus now features a fully reprogrammable payload processor through which users can modify payload configurations and performance in-orbit, adjust satellite to ground communication, and suppress interference. Satellites based on the A2100 can now also be dual launched side by side on a single rocket.

      The dual launch capability comes from the use of flexible solar arrays, reducing mass and resulting in a narrower satellite. The reprogramming technology enables processing and routing of signals through the satellite, instead of amplifying incoming signals and routing them back to the ground.

      Lockheed Martin uses a “digital tapestry” virtual production process that includes 3-D printing to accelerate the manufacturing process. Satellites based on the A2100 platform can be designed with electric, chemical or hybrid propulsion systems.