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BlackBridge, MDA Information Systems Launch Joint Product

By Caleb Henry | August 14, 2014
      RapidEye Blackbridge MDA

      Rotterdam, The Netherlands as seen by a RapidEye satellite on May 01, 2013. Photo: BlackBridge

      [Via Satellite 08-14-2014] BlackBridge and MDA Information Systems have entered a strategic partnership to introduce a joint solution: RapidEye Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM). The product streamlines updates to cartographic data sets.

      RapidEye PCM combines BlackBridge’s RapidEye satellite imagery with MDA’s PCM technology to accelerate the process of comparing images from different times and identifying areas with lasting changes.

      According to the companies, RapidEye PCM lowers the cost of comparing geospatial data by 90 percent in place of manual scanning. RapidEye PCM enables users to locate changes down to 5 by 5 meters and update cartographic data sets up to 1:5000 scale with the addition of higher-resolution imagery.