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CPI to Introduce New LifeExtender Technology

By Katie Kriz | March 7, 2014
      CPI LifeExtender

      CPI’s LifeExtender available in new TouchPower series. Photo: CPI

      [Via Satellite 03-07-2014] The satcom products group of Communications and Power Industries (CPI) is introducing its LifeExtender technology, which is expected to extend traveling wave tube (TWT) cathode life and is currently available in CPI’s TouchPower series of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and several Ka-band outdoor TWTAs.

      “Alternative methods of TWT life extension are limited by the fact that they do not optimize the rate of barium evaporation over time,” said John Lazar, director of product development at CPI’s Satcom Division. “CPI’s technology improves upon alternative methods by adjusting the heater voltage over time, resulting in up to 50 percent longer life.”

      LifePredictor, a companion technology to LifeExtender, is also available. LifePredictor monitors the evolution of the knee of the cathode emission curve over time. This allows a prediction of remaining TWT life to be determined, giving the user a chance to plan better maintenance schedules.