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Lockheed Martin Powers On GOES-R System Module

By Tai Nichols | October 3, 2013
      GOES-R, NOAA’s next geostationary weather satellite Photo:Lockheed Martin

      GOES-R, NOAA’s next geostationary weather satellite
      Photo:Lockheed Martin

      [Via Satellite 10-03-13] Lockheed Martin has powered on the system module of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite–R (GOES-R) satellite for the first time. The GOES-R series is NOAA‘s next geostationary weather satellite. Power-on of the spacecraft’s avionics and major electronic subsystems is a key milestone to delivery of the first satellite.

      The system module of the A2100-based satellite is being built at Lockheed Martin Space System’s Newtown, Pa. facility. The system module testing will demonstrate the functionality and integration of three major electrical subsystems, command and data handling, communication, and electrical power. A total of 76 electronic boxes and 12 wiring harnesses were installed in preparation for this power up.

      With successful completion of the system module testing, the GOES-R system module will be shipped to Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ Waterton facility near Denver to be integrated with the propulsion module. Once the system module and propulsion module are mated, the spacecraft will move onto the payload integration, functional testing and environmental testing phases of the program.