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TrustComm CEO Aims at Becoming Single-Source Provider for COMSATCOM with MSS Expansion

By Tai Nichols | September 13, 2013
      Bob Roe, CEO at TrustComm, at TrustComm’s new Quantico facility.  Image credit: TrustComm

      Bob Roe, CEO at TrustComm, at TrustComm’s new Quantico facility.
      Image credit: TrustComm

      [Via Satellite 09-13-2013] TrustComm’s recent expansion of its VSAT and engineering service portfolio to include Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) is the latest step in its strategic plan, said Bob Roe, CEO, TrustComm, during an exclusive interview with The company wants to serve as a single-source provider for end-to-end commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) services, while delivering an integrated approach to those solutions – regardless of whether they are MSS or Fixed Satellite Services (FSS).

      The choice to expand MSS stems from Global Secure Networks’ recent acquisition of TrustComm, according to Roe. “Our new team brought a great deal of valuable experience and a deep understanding of the MSS market. We realized that merging that MSS capability with the value of TrustComm’s existing FSS services – all within our secure network infrastructure at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base – could provide tremendous benefits to our customer base,” he said.

      To strengthen its value proposition and commitment to its expanded MSS capabilities, TrustComm has partnered with companies such as Inmarsat, Thuraya Telecommunications, Boeing, and equipment provider Cobham SATCOM. “Establishing these key partnerships is a cornerstone of our ability to deliver on our vision,” Roe said. “The benefit of this expansion is that we now provide the widest range of assured, end-to-end COMSATCOM solutions to exceed the stringent demands of our commercial and government clients.”

      By entering into formal agreements with these new partners, Roe believes TrustComm is better positioned to lend its expertise in the MSS arena to the greatest number of clients worldwide. He said the partnerships with Inmarsat and Cobham have allowed TrustComm to become firmly established as a trusted distributor of some of the most advanced MSS solutions available. The agreements also enable TrustComm to represent each of its new partners  to the U.S. Government via the U.S. General Services Administration’s Information Technology Schedule 70, an acquisition vehicle that offers federal, state and local governments solutions to their information technology needs.

      According to TrustComm, it will supply the full suite of products and services provided by Inmarsat Solutions, including the Existing and Evolved (E&E) portfolio, the Inmarsat 4 (I 4) Broadband Global Area Network services (BGAN, FBB and SBB), and lease capabilities. With Thuraya, TrustComm will develop a range of MSS solutions leveraging the company’s overall satellite capability in multiple commercial markets. Boeing and TrustComm’s strategic relationship for the provision of Inmarsat 4 services for specialized user groups will leverage the benefits of both entities’ infrastructures to reach customers on a global scale with local knowledge and support. TrustComm has also been recognized as a Cobham SATCOM Gold Distribution Partner and now distributes Cobham SATCOM’s full line of satellite and radio communication terminals and earth stations for the Explorer portfolio of land products.  

      Roe believes each partner involved represents a critical element of the end-to-end proposition TrustComm delivers, either as an MSS operator with Inmarsat and Thuraya, as an equipment provider with Cobham, and based on Boeing’s strategic position in the industry. “Each partner has its own merits individually. But delivered together via TrustComm, it is a very compelling proposition,” he said.

      TrustComm is constantly exploring new ways to bring COMSATCOM solutions to every key market segment, according to Roe. Looking forward, he said the company is currently developing new solutions that leverage its secure infrastructure at the Ellington Field and Quantico facilities for organizations that require high-grade, secure communications