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mu Space Teams Up with ispace for Lunar Missions

By Mark Holmes | February 5, 2024
      The moon. Photo: Shutterstock

      The moon. Photo: Shutterstock

      mu Space and Advanced Technology (mu Space), an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider in Southeast Asia, is teaming up with ispace, a private lunar robotic exploration company based in Japan, in an exciting new collaboration. The companies have signed two MoUs as part of a deal to collaborate on future lunar missions together.

      The two companies have entered negotiations for future payload services to lunar orbit and lunar surface and agreed to collaborate on the development the cislunar satellite market by working in coordination to provide transportation and deployment for lunar satellite payload customers while supplying the satellite components. As part of the agreement, mu Space and ispace will conduct joint market development in Japan and Thailand to accelerate the number of lunar orbiting satellite missions including small satellite payloads and lunar lander payloads with the mass of up to 100 kg.

      “This marks our first lunar mission, demonstrating our vision and commitment to achieving a lunar presence by 2028,” said James Yenbamroong, mu Space CEO and CTO. “In collaboration with ispace capital, we are set to prove key technologies and build the foundation for future lunar endeavors. This partnership is also a testament to elevating space technology in Asia.”