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Axiom Space Migrates IT Infrastructure to AWS

By Rachel Jewett | November 27, 2023
Axiom Space operations. Photo: Axiom Space

Axiom Space operations. Photo: Axiom Space

Commercial space station company Axiom Space is migrating its terrestrial IT infrastructure to AWS, the company announced Monday. The company said that deepening its partnership with AWS will provide the cloud infrastructure on Earth to develop its next-generation space station, Axiom Station. 

Axiom Space worked with AWS in April 2022 to install an AWS Snowcone edge computer on the International Space Station. The Snowcone provides edge computing, data storage, and data transfer, and was used earlier this year to demonstrate SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure technology

The companies will continue to collaborate on validating cloud-based hardware and software capable of supporting in-space workloads for research on new pharmaceuticals, stem cells, and regenerative medicine. They will also work together to use AWS for modeling and simulation to develop the Axiom Station, equip Axiom Space’s mission control center with cloud capabilities, and to deploy AWS cloud capabilities as part of Axiom Space’s multi-cloud and multi-user Orbital Data Center. 

“Axiom Space is using AWS’s global infrastructure and a broad and deep portfolio of cloud services to deliver revolutionary solutions to the space industry,” said Dave Levy, AWS vice president of its Worldwide Public Sector. “We are proud to support Axiom Space’s vision to incorporate advanced cloud-based technology into future missions supporting on-orbit research, scientific discovery, and space exploration.”

Axiom Space is building a module for the ISS, which is scheduled to launch to the ISS by 2026. It plans to eventually operate an independent space station. The company already works with NASA, including on a long-term contract worth $1.26 billion to provide Exploration Extravehicular Activity Services (xEVAS) spacesuits for the Moon and LEO. The company raised $350 million in a Series C round in August.