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Exploring Potential in Quantum Tech, Diversity, and Creativity With Sonali Mohapatra

By Rachel Jewett | February 5, 2024

      In this episode, On Orbit interviews Sonali Mohapatra, who works in quantum innovation at the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) in the U.K. Sonali breaks down quantum technology and shares some of the future use cases that relate to the space industry. Read more about the quantum use cases for space in Sonali’s cover story in the Via Satellite November edition.

      In Sonali’s role as Quantum Innovation Sector Lead at the center she works to encourage quantum readiness across different sectors including space, healthcare energy, and more. We talk about some of the human implications of the responsibility she feels to contribute to quantum technology development in a way that serves the greater good.

      Sonali is a very creative person and deeply passionate about diversity and gender issues. We talk about how she brings all of that together in her work and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, and mentoring and diversity initiatives she has been a part of.

      Listen Here: