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Satellite Policy and a Side of Space Movies With Henry Gola

By Rachel Jewett | November 13, 2023

      What do satellite policy and space movies have in common? For starters, space debris often plays a key role in both. In this episode of On Orbit, we talk about regulation and space movies with Henry Gola, a partner in Wiley’s Telecom, Media & Technology practice. Wiley is a leading law firm for the satellite industry, and Gola has been part of some of the biggest regulatory developments. For example, he represented the C-Band Alliance before the FCC during the work to reallocate the C-band for 5G. Gola advises clients on obtaining licenses, spectrum issues, and more. 

      We talk about Gola’s path starting out in journalism and working at ESPN to becoming a satellite policy expert. He gives a review of some of the top policy issues at the FCC right now, and we dig into the details of the regulatory framework for satellite-to-cell coverage and the FCC’s “Single Network Future.” 

      This policy discussion comes with a side of space movies. Gola is a fellow podcast host, leading the Hosted Payload series on the Wiley Connected podcast. For Hosted Payload, Gola and an industry policy expert watch a space movie and discuss. We chat about some of his favorites like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Gravity,” and how movies have raised awareness of issues like space debris.

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