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What Does ESG Mean for the Space Industry Here on Earth?

By Rachel Jewett | October 16, 2023

      When the space industry talks about sustainability, the conversation usually centers around in-space topics like  space traffic management and space debris. But what about the impact of the space industry here on Earth? Amber Ledgerwood, senior manager of Social and Environmental Impact at SES is trying to bring attention to sustainability issues here on Earth. She leads ESG strategy at SES. 

      In this episode, Amber talks about how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues apply to SES and the satellite industry. These issues range from the climate impact of space companies on Earth, diversity and inclusion, how a company’s products and services impact society, and also responsible behavior in space. 

      She hopes her role influences the industry beyond SES and challenges other space companies to take concrete actions to minimize climate impact and improve diversity among their workforce. It’s a critical topic that goes beyond the space industry, and also gets at bigger questions of corporate responsibility and how businesses define what success looks like.

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