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Is Space Crowded? Managing Traffic in Space With Chiara Manfletti of Neuraspace

By Rachel Jewett | July 17, 2023

      Is space crowded? While space is infinite, space crowding is an important issue as the satellite industry launches more and more mass to orbit each year. This week, Chiara Manfletti, COO of space traffic management startup Neuraspace joins On Orbit to answer this and other critical questions about space sustainability. 

      In this episode, she digs into the specifics of the risks to satellite operators, and different approaches to space traffic management, and how governments and even insurers have a role to play in sustainable in orbit operations. 

      Chiara has an interesting background in academia and government. Before getting involved with Neuraspace, She served as president of the new Portuguese national space agency, Portugal Space. We talk about that experience, the startup environment in Europe, and Chiara also shares about her beekeeping hobby. 

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