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How Space Startups Score Seed Investment in a Crowded, Competitive Market

By Jeffrey Hill | November 28, 2022

      A wave of capital investment has poured into new space companies over the past few years, as investors searched for the next big disruptive space technology. It’s not yet known if the fragile state of today’s global economy has slowed this momentum. Do investors remain as hungry for space startups as they were five to 10 years ago? Are investors being more cautious and selective as they navigate through an unusual market environment?

      In this episode, investor judges from this year’s Startup Space competition at SATELLITE 2023 will explain how their early-stage seed investment strategies have changed and how entrepreneurs can adapt their pitches to stand out in an increasingly competitive startup market. We are joined by Josephine Millward, partner at OpAmp Capital, David Anderman, co-founder & operating partner at Stellar Ventures, Terrence Craig, advisor at Toyota Ventures and Rafferty Jackson, co-founder of Jack Industries.

      This all-star group of investors and startup experts provide invaluable answers to some of the most important questions for startups, including: Is it okay for startups to jump into markets with a lot of existing competition? When is an entrepreneur truly ready to seek their seed investment? What’s the checklist they need to complete? How are seed investment pitches evolving? How can entrepreneurs stand out?

      Following the discussion, we reveal the 10 finalists for this year’s Startup Space competition. At the end of the episode, I reveal some exciting new changes that will be happening with the On Orbit podcast starting next month and into the new year. 

      Listen Here: