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Adventures in Paris: World Satellite Business Week Wrap-Up

By Jeffrey Hill | September 20, 2022

      World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) has wrapped up in Paris capping off what has been a very busy summer for the satellite industry. Via Satellite Managing Editor Rachel Jewett attended the week-long event, covering a number of executive panel sessions for the magazine’s e-newsletter. She joins us on the On Orbit podcast to outline the key takeaways from the Euroconsult conference and what she learned behind-the-scenes.

      Rachel explains how the CEOs from the world’s largest satellite operators responded to some of the biggest news stories of the season, including Eutelsat’s combination with OneWeb, SpaceX’s Starlink partnership with T-Mobile, and Globalstar bringing emergency communication functions to Apple’s iPhone 14. She also shares insights from regional operators, imagery and sensing market leaders, space journalists, and a humorous story involving her newly adopted dog eating a souvenir she brought home.

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