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John Deere’s Kiel Ronning Sees Data-Driven Solutions for Food Shortages

By Jeffrey Hill | June 6, 2022

      In this episode of Via Satellite’s On Orbit Podcast, John Deere’s Industry 4.0 lead Kiel Ronning joins us to talk about how his company is working to solve the global food shortage crisis through technology and education. John Deere is a trusted brand among farmers, who rely on the company to provide insights on crop yield efficiency and productivity.

      To fully utilize the tools that John Deere provides in their newest tractors and vehicles, farmers need access to high-speed bandwidth, sensing data, and imagery. Ronning and I discuss how the company is working with partners to facilitate that access.

      We also discuss Ronning’s work in revolutionizing John Deere’s own production facilities. Through advancements in industrial IoT, John Deere has developed some of the most cutting edge private enterprise networks. Ronning explains how it has both led by example and followed other industries in rolling out these networks.

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