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From Launch Dreams to Laser Beams With Tina Ghataore of Mynaric

By Annamarie Nyirady | November 23, 2020

      Tina Ghataore is currently the president of Mynaric USA, the U.S. branch of Mynaric, which specializes in laser communications. Ghataore has had a long career in the satellite industry and prior to this role, she has worked for YahSat, Panasonic Aviation, Boeing, and more, flexing both her engineering and business development skills.

      Ghataore’s love for space started with her childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. Although she couldn’t realize that dream with the resources she had, she’s been involved in the space industry her entire career. She recently moved back to the U.S. after living in Abu Dhabi, which broadened her business perspective. 

      In this episode, we talk to Ghataore about her childhood spaceflight dreams and her career trajectory, and she even gives a lesson in Lasers 101.

      Listen Here: