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What Does the 2020 Election Mean for Space Policy?

By Annamarie Nyirady | October 26, 2020

      What would a second Trump administration or new Biden administration mean for space policy? In this episode, we talk to Via Satellite Managing Editor Rachel Jewett and SATELLITE Chairman and Via Satellite Executive Editor Jeff Hill and about each candidate’s plans for space. What has been said, and what are the pros and cons of each candidate for the space industry? 

      We discuss Jewett’s election preview in Via’s October issue, as well as speculate about what the FCC could look like under continuing Ajit Pai leadership, or if potential Biden pick Jessica Rosenworcel chaired the commission. What would a change or continuation in leadership mean for 5G or Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) developments? 

      While the general public may not go into the voting booth with future space policy in mind, the next president will face decisions that could influence billions of dollars in government investments, countless jobs, public/private partnerships, and a decade worth of research and development. Can space remain a bipartisan issue?

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