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LeoLabs Appoints Former Maxar Exec Tony Frazier as New CEO

By Abbey Weltman | February 26, 2024


      LeoLabs’ new CEO Tony Frazier (pictured) brings a wealth of experience driving innovation across commercial space and national security. Credit: Tony Frazier


      LeoLabs announced today that the company has appointed longtime Maxar executive Tony Frazier as the company’s new CEO. Frazier plans to lead LeoLabs to become a critical mission partner for military space operations and space safety systems.

      Frazier previously served as the executive vice president and general manager of Public Sector Earth Intelligence at Maxar Technologies. During his tenure at Maxar, GeoEye, and DigitalGlobe, he supported missions across the U.S. government and over 60 international customers. Frazier left Maxar in October 2023, according to his LinkedIn. 

      “After my experience at Maxar, I was looking for a company bringing commercial innovation to a critical national security mission, LeoLabs is delivering incredible capabilities in the emerging markets of space situational awareness and space domain awareness,” Frazier said. 

      Frazier is replacing co-founder Dan Ceperley, who will transition into a chief operations officer role to lead LeoLabs’ engineering and mission operations. Ceperley co-founded LeoLabs in 2016. Under his leadership, LeoLab’s developed its radar technology and expanded its global network. LeoLabs has built a commercially owned catalog of objects and activities in Low Earth Orbit and developed a comprehensive data analytics platform for space operations.

      “The number of satellites and space threats is growing at an unprecedented rate. Tony is going to take the great capabilities and customer relationships we pioneered and scale them to become an indispensable source of information for the global space industry. I’m thrilled to get back to my engineering roots and support him by delivering the technology that will power this transition,” said Ceperley.

      LeoLabs was recently selected by the U.S. Space Force to participate in the Space Systems Command’s SDA TAP Lab Accelerator. Additionally, LeoLabs is supporting international allies as they establish their military space operations. The company also closed on $29 million in financing earlier this month. 

      “LeoLabs has built the right capabilities at the right time to become a critical mission partner for U.S., allied, and commercial space operators. I’m excited to join LeoLabs as CEO to build on its market momentum and scale its growth,” said Frazier.