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CPI to Showcase New HPAs at Satellite Show and NAB

By | March 1, 2018

The Satcom Products Group of CPI’s SMP Division is offering an innovative lineup of high power uplink amplifiers at this year’s Satellite and NAB trade shows. From liquid cooled TWTAs and new GaN products, to an expanded TouchPower product line and specialized troposcatter capabilities, CPI is out in front of all the latest market demands.

Click to download "Liquid Cooling of Hubmount TWTAs"

Click to download “Liquid Cooling of Hubmount TWTAs”

Liquid Cooling on Newer and Popular Outdoor Models

Customers interested in acoustically quiet earth stations, longer TWT life and higher thermal margin may benefit from liquid cooling their HPAs. CPI offers liquid cooled HPAs in many of its ODUs, including the 750 W SuperLinear® Ku-band TWTA, the 550 W Ka-band TWTA, and the 700 W Ka-band TWTA, as well as its C-, Ku- and DBS-band 750 W CW TWTAs.
Find out more about how you might benefit from liquid cooled HPAs.

Ka-Band Solid State Capability Expansion

CPI is rolling out OpenBMIP™ for iDirect modems in most of its Ka-band BUCs, starting with its airborne KRFU. The KRFU is part of a comprehensive line of GaN SSPAs offered by CPI. Contact your local sales representative for details, or visit us at Satellite 2018 or the NAB show.

Touchpower Gen IV

Now klystron power amplifier users can benefit from CPI’s industry-leading TouchPower™ technology, previously only provided on 5-RU TWTAs. As with those products, CPI’s new GEN IVs feature enhanced log capability for improved diagnostics. Additionally, these amplifiers feature a new type of RF power meter that provides true power readings, and an updated cooling system which will improve the product line’s already impressive MTBF.

Troposcatter (14.9 to 15.4 GHz) Frequency, 1.25 kW TWTA

As satellite coverage has come under increasing demand and militaries have continued to require flexibility and significant bandwidth to run their communications, troposcatter communications are emerging as an alternative means of sending signals. Where once this product was typically the domain of S-band or low C-band, high Ku-band is also proving to be viable. CPI now offers a high power TWTA to meet this need.