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Viasat Opens Headquarters in Mexico

By | April 8, 2019
Graphic by Viasat

Graphic by Viasat

Viasat is opening a new headquarters in Montes Urales, Mexico, located in the northwest part of Mexico City. The new facility will provide the satellite operator with a base to launch new connectivity services across Mexico.

The opening of a new headquarters follows a year of  steady business for Viasat in Mexico. In April 2018, Viasat officially introduced its Community Wi-Fi service, and reached an agreement with  Mexican telecommunications and technology service provider Grupo Prosperist, to market the service locally under the Conectaless brand.

In September 2018, Aeromexico selected Viasat’s in-flight connectivity service to provide optimized internet experiences to passengers and crew. Two months later, Viasat announced a relationship with Ubix to bring high-speed satellite internet to enterprises, businesses and federal programs, and unveiled its Urban Wi-Fi satellite internet service in Mexico. Finally, in February, Viasat announced a collaboration with Facebook to accelerate the deployment of Community Wi-Fi to communities in Mexico that lack reliable internet connectivity.

“Opening our office in Mexico City—a major city of international commerce—is a strategic move for Viasat,” Viasat President and COO Rick Baldridge said in a statement. “It allows us to prepare for future growth, by working with local businesses and governments on how best to leverage advances in satellite connectivity to serve the people of Mexico.”