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Rockwell Collins, FlightAware to Offer ADS-B for Business Aviation

By | October 16, 2018
Photo: PRNewsfoto/FlightAware

Photo: PRNewsfoto/FlightAware

Rockwell Collins, in collaboration with FlightAware, will offer AireonSM space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS-B) flight tracking to its business aviation customers. FlightAware’s terrestrial ADS-B coverage will be integrated with Aireon‘s space-based ADS-B coverage in Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirectSM solution.

The Aireon network is hosted on the Iridium Next constellation of satellites, which will consist of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that each carry an Aireon ADS-B receiver. The constellation will provide global coverage with once-per-minute position updates as the standard rate of reporting. Since ADS-B out will be required in many countries throughout the world by 2020, Aircraft operators typically do not need to install additional equipment to use the Aireon network.

“Rockwell Collins customers will soon benefit from the certainty of their aircraft’s position, even over oceans, polar regions, deserts, or jungles — all places where frequent position accuracy has historically been difficult to achieve,” said Bob Richard, senior director, ARINCDirect for Rockwell Collins.