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KVH Extends LTE Network Offshore for Fast Internet Access

By | June 21, 2018

KVH Tracphone LTE-1. Image credit: KVH

KVH is enabling owners and crew on board small to mid-size recreational boats to gain access to the internet in U.S. waters more than 20 miles offshore, with data download speeds up to 100 Mbps. The TracPhone LTE-1 marine communications system is compact and affordable enough for vessels such as sailboats, center consoles, fishing boats, and others to access the internet on the water where they previously would have had few options besides the boater’s own cellphone. The TracPhone LTE-1 enables boaters to access the internet at twice the range and up to 10 times the data speed of typical cellphone performance offshore, with connectivity for multiple on-board devices.

The TracPhone LTE-1 is designed to enable various applications for mobile connectivity, such as streaming HD videos and music; Wi-Fi-based voice, messaging, collaboration, and video applications; browsing the internet; and posting on social media — all while offshore. The TracPhone LTE-1 uses cellular technology from two LTE carriers in the U.S., automatically switching between them to ensure the most seamless coverage available.

At present, the TracPhone LTE-1 is designed for use in U.S. waters only, including Hawaii and Alaska, but KVH is exploring expansion beyond U.S. waters in the future.