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Speedcast, SRH Marine to Distribute eNavigation Charts

By | March 15, 2018

Speedcast International is partnering with SRH Marine to provide maritime vessels with Navigation as a Service (NaaS), a simplified electronic distribution of electronic navigational charts and updates. Speedcast NaaS is powered by Speedcast’s Sigma Gateway platform and SRH Marine’s Pilot.

Speedcast NaaS will simplify the delivery of electronic navigational charts and updates to assist navigation across the oceans. With its remote monitoring and data analytics capabilities, the charts will enable simpler eNavigation regulatory compliance.

Commercial vessels rely on distribution of physical media across the globe to keep a vessel’s electronic charts up to date. This method is time consuming and expensive, with updated chart media frequently not reaching its target vessel in a timely way. This can potentially cause regulatory and safety issues. Speedcast NaaS distributes relevant eNavigation charts and updates to a vessel via Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, Fleet Broadband or Speedcast’s Ku network. NaaS is a fully managed value-add solution, supplied via Sigma Gateway or Sigma Xtreme, and is provided as part of a monthly communications service.