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EasyJet Becomes First Airline to Benefit from Viasat & ESA’s Iris Pro

By Mark Holmes | January 29, 2024

Photo by EasyJet

easyJet announced it will partner with the European Iris program, which uses satellite technology to help modernize air traffic management (ATM). The initiative is being led by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Viasat. easyJet announced the development, Jan. 29.

Through the use of Iris, easyJet will be able to operate its aircraft as efficiently as possible to achieve further fuel burn improvements and emissions reductions. More broadly, the program will be a key component in helping deliver airspace modernisation across the industry.

ESA has led and funded Iris with the aim of supporting the European Policy on Single European Skies through a solution that has full European coverage and is based on state of the art, highly secure, satellite communication mobile technologies. This has been carried out by ESA in full coordination with European aviation stakeholders, including the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), to ensure Iris is fully compliant with European and worldwide aviation needs and requirements.

“More efficient use of airspace is a critical way we can tackle the industry’s emissions right now. Adopting Iris technology on these aircraft will enable easyJet to fly more directly and efficiently, thereby reducing carbon emissions as well as enhancing our on time performance – which in turn improves our customers’ experiences. We’re thrilled to be paving the way in this area whilst working towards our goal to achieve our net-zero ambitions by 2050, as outlined in our roadmap,” Hugh McConnellogue, Director of Operations & Navigation, easyJet said in a statement.