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Terran Orbital Introduces New SmallSat GEO Offering

By Abbey Weltman | March 14, 2024

      Rendering of SmallSAT GEO Photo: Terran Orbital

      Terran Orbital is getting into the Geostationary Orbit (GEO) market, unveiling the SmallSat GEO on Thursday. Terran Orbital said the SmallSat GEO aims to provide higher network performance in the communication market. The satellite will be adaptable to commercial/customer-provided or Terran Orbital-supplied payloads, up to 300 kilograms It also allows for steerable multi-beam arrays.

      Terran Orbital says the GEO market is shifting towards smaller size class GEO spacecraft. The company has flight heritage in GEO from three previous GEO missions, including the Lockheed Martin LINUSS mission.

      “Our customers require agility, affordability, and the ability to adapt their geosynchronous communication architecture. We can bring our LEO small satellite heritage to GEO and provide the agile customization that our customers have come to expect and value,” said Marc Bell, CEO of Terran Orbital. 

      The aerospace and defense company will be showing the SmallSat GEO at the SATELLITE 2024 trade show next week.