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Skyrora Opens Engine Test Complex in Scotland

By | July 14, 2020

Skyrora’s engine test complex in Scotland. Photo: Skyrora

Skyrora has established an engine test complex in Scotland, and the complex has already seen the successful testing of two engines. The U.K.-based smallsat launcher said Tuesday that the complex , which includes a fuel and oxidiser loading system to put fuel into both tanks and a pressure supply system to feed the fuel to the engine in the test stand, was built in a matter of weeks. 

Skyrora’s goal is to test the three engines on its rocket suite in the one location: the 7 MT engine for the first and second stage of the orbital Skyrora XL launch vehicle; the 3.5 Kn engine for the third stage; and the 3 MT engine for the sub-orbital Skylark L launch vehicle. The company believes the Engine Test Complex will help create more than 170 new jobs in the area by 2030.

Skyrora CEO Volodymyr Levykin commented: “The opening of our engine test complex represents a giant leap forward for the U.K.’s ambitions as a space nation and Scotland’s status as a space hub. The location and additional jobs will benefit the U.K. space industry and help the overall economy grow. It will also allow Skyrora’s highly skilled workforce and a young generation of engineers and technicians to be a part of this space revolution.”

In May, Skyrora completed a full static fire test of a mobile launch complex with a Skylark L rocket — a milestone that the company said shows the Skylark L  is ready for launch. The 11-meter rocket could be ready to launch as early as spring 2021.