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Relativity Space to Launch Satellites for Momentus

By | September 13, 2019
Artist rendering of Relativity's Terran 1 rocket. Photo: Relativity Space

Artist rendering of Relativity’s Terran 1 rocket. Photo: Relativity Space

Relativity Space signed a Launch Services Agreement (LSA) to launch Momentus’ small and medium satellite customers on Relativity’s Terran 1 rocket. Momentus will then deliver their customers’ small and medium sized satellites to Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) using the Momentus Vigoride Extended in-space shuttle service.

The agreement includes Momentus’ purchase of a first launch, scheduled for 2021, with options for five additional launches with Relativity. The agreement opens access to a more diverse range of orbits for Terran 1 including Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO), Lunar and deep space orbits, lower inclinations, and phasing of multiple spacecraft in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO).

“With Momentus’ innovations in sustainable in-space ‘last mile’ solutions, we look forward to working together to expand Terran 1’s flexibility and offering beyond LEO, offering small and medium satellite launch opportunities with industry-defining lead time, flexibility, and cost,” said Tim Ellis, CEO and Cofounder of Relativity. “This partnership will enable us to build the space economy faster, and accelerate the future of humanity in space.”