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SpaceX Launch Delayed Due to High Winds

By | May 16, 2019

The Falcon 9 rocket, on the launchpad, with its Starlink cargo tucked into the payload fairing. Photo: Ars Technica

1045pm ET Update: About 15 minutes before the Falcon 9 rocket was due to liftoff on Wednesday evening from Florida, the launch was scrubbed. The culprit? Unfavorable upper-level winds. Fortunately, SpaceX has a back-up window that opens again at 10:30pm ET Thursday.

Original post: If the weather and Falcon 9 rocket cooperate, the first batch of SpaceX‘s internet satellites will launch from Florida on Wednesday evening. With a mass of 18.5 tons, this will be the company’s heaviest launch to date for either the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy rocket.

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