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Scout Space’s Sparrow Payload Captures first Calibration Image

By Jeffrey Hill | May 31, 2024

Scout Space Calibration image, captured May 30th.

In-space security observation service provider Scout Space commissioned and captured the first in-space calibration image from its recently launched “Sparrow” optical payload, the company announced Thursday. SpaceX launched Scout’s Sparrow – the company’s second optical payload – aboard the Apex Aries bus on the SpaceX Transporter-10 mission in March 2024.

The successful image capture took place at 6:25 GMT on Thursday, May 30, 2024. Scout said that the Sparrow will continue to collect high-resolution in-space data for undisclosed customers.

“We are pleased to report the successful deployment and operation of our second optical sensor payload in orbit, which captured its first imagery today,” Philip Hover-Smoot, CEO of Scout Space, said in the announcement. “With each successful launch, we move closer to achieving Scout’s vision of enhancing Space Domain Awareness through the proliferation of secure, platform-agnostic sensing solutions. This achievement underscores the dedication of both the Scout team and the Apex team, reflecting our shared commitment to advancing space technology.”

Scout Space designed Sparrow to provide valuable in-space data on the space environment and increasingly complex on-orbit operations for government and commercial partners.