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SkyFi Launches Two New Services

By Mark Holmes | September 12, 2023

      Photo by SkyFi

      SkyFi has launched two new products in the Earth Observation (EO) arena. SkyFi announced details of the two products, Sept. 11. The two products are called Open Data and SkyFi Insights. SkyFi aims to position itself as the geospatial hub for the world. SkyFi offers a web and mobile app that aims to empower users to tap into the power of geospatial knowledge.

      SkyFi Insights is an intuitive geospatial analytics platform that will enable users to explore detailed visuals, track changes over time, and uncover hidden patterns within EO data. With its new Open Data service, SkyFi has integrated Sentinel 2 data into its platform, SkyFi now provides free and open geospatial data that fosters collaboration, innovation, and accessibility in the satellite imagery realm.

      SkyFi is the first company, in the history of the world, to offer direct access to open satellite data through a mobile app said. With global imagery updated daily, users can seamlessly access a wealth of valuable, free information, eliminating the traditional barriers to entry. SkyFi will soon be adding new satellite sources to continue expanding open data offerings,” Luke Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyFi, said in a statement.