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Xona Broadcasts Demo PNT Signals, Certifies Constellation Simulator with Spirent 

By Rachel Jewett | May 31, 2023

      Photo: Xona Space Systems

      Xona Space Systems has successfully transmitted precision position, navigation, and timing (PNT) signals from space to ground on its demonstration LEO satellite, Huginn. The satellite was launched in May 2022, and Xona recently released updates from the demonstration. 

      Huginn is the first commercially funded Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) PNT mission. It has demonstrated the ability to provide centimeter-level user positioning using Xona’s precision satellite hardware and software stack. ​​

      The company is developing Pulsar, an independent precision LEO PNT service as an alternative to GNSS satellites. The company is working with Pulsar ecosystem partners to integrate this capability into existing GNSS user equipment and GNSS simulation tools with firmware updates. 

      One of those collaborations is with testing and assurance solution provider Spirent, and the two companies are collaborating on a product called SimXona. It can simulate the Xona LEO constellation, working with Spirent’s comprehensive PNT and threat simulation capabilities. The companies announced Wednesday that SimXona is certified and will begin accepting orders this quarter. 

      “Live-sky testing is only available for a few minutes per day,” said Bryan Chan, Xona co-founder and vice president of Business Development, explaining the program. “Since the full constellation takes time to deploy, Spirent signal simulators are vital for developers and integrators. Spirent has been a valued partner as they have prioritized providing a trusted test solution for OEMs who want to integrate Xona signals now.