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Ursa Space Systems Adds Kleos Space RF Data to its Platform 

By Rachel Jewett | March 1, 2023

      Photo: Kleos Space

      Kleos Space will join Ursa Space Systems’ “Virtual Constellation,” a database of satellite imagery from various imagery and sensing providers. Kleos collects radio frequency (RF) data through its satellite constellation. 

      Under the agreement announced Tuesday, Ursa will have access to the Kleos Locate intelligence product, which provides the frequency of the detected transmitter, the reception time, the transmitter coordinates, and the confidence ellipse parameters. This will add more data to Ursa’s analytics platform.

      Ursa Space combines satellite imagery and data fusion capabilities from synthetic aperture radar (SAR), optical, and RF vendors around the world. Its customers can search and order archive imagery and task new images from the world’s largest network of SAR satellites, and get custom data analytic results.

      “The addition of the Kleos Space Locate product will accelerate our tip and cue capabilities by adding a key layer to our data fusion process,” said Eric Cote, director of Data & Analytic Services at Ursa Space. “Their innovative techniques and corresponding data product will further enhance our monitoring and analysis services, contributing to a seamless and validated analytic result for Ursa’s customers.”