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Airbus Signs Deal to Build 2 EO Satellites for Poland Based on Pléiades Neo

By Rachel Jewett | January 6, 2023

The Airbus S950 satellite was first developed for the Pléiades Neo optical constellation. Photo: Airbus

Poland has ordered two Earth observation (EO) satellites from Airbus based on the Airbus Pléiades Neo satellites for sovereign observation capabilities. The deal, announced Jan. 4, is the first export contract for Airbus for the satellite model. 

Poland will have full autonomy over the images, and which will be downlinked directly in Poland through the national satellite system infrastructure. 

The contract covers the development, manufacture, launch, and delivery in orbit of two Airbus S950 VHR optical satellites. It also covers the ground segment, including a direct receiving station in Poland, training for the Polish team, maintenance and technical support for the space and ground systems.

Launch is planned by 2027, and Poland will also have access to Pléiades Neo imagery directly from Airbus as early as 2023. 

“This contract will provide Poland with one of the world’s most sophisticated satellite Earth observation systems. It strengthens Europe and gives the Polish nation a truly sovereign space capability. We look forward to further developing our cooperation with Poland under the umbrella of the strategic partnership between France and Poland,” commented Jean-Marc Nasr, head of Space Systems at Airbus.