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Mexico Explores Dedicated Earth Observation Program With Satellogic

By Rachel Jewett | December 13, 2022
Rendering of a Satellogic satellite in orbit. Photo: Satellogic

Rendering of a Satellogic satellite in orbit. Photo: Satellogic

Satellogic signed a letter of intent with Mexico’s space agency for a dedicated satellite constellation to deliver multi-spectral imaging.  Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM) signed the letter for a constellation-as-a-service program, Satellogic announced Tuesday. The agreement would provide country-wide monitoring up to three times a year, and also a pilot project to utilize archive imagery. 

Satellogic pitches its constellation-as-a-service as a lower barrier of entry for nations to use Earth observation satellites without investing in their own satellites. The company works with sovereign nations to develop tailored constellation-as-a-service programs and recently signed a three-year agreement with the Republic of Albania. 

“Satellogic’s constellation-as-a-service program will introduce a new level of Earth observation autonomy for the government of Mexico to service many programs across defense, agriculture, maritime security and census plus geography, enriching data resources for the respective agencies managing them,” said Dr. Adán Salazar Garibay, general coordinator of Scientific Research and Space Technological Development at AEM.

Satellogic will host a team of AEM executives and experts at its plant in Montevideo, Uruguay, for a facility tour early next year.