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NASA, ESA, and JAXA Expand Earth Observing Dashboard to Include Environmental Data

By Jeffrey Hill | May 20, 2022

      Via Satellite illustration.

      NASA announced Thursday that it reached an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to expand the Earth-observing satellite data sharing agreement the three agencies reached in 2020 to launch a COVID-19 Earth Observing Dashboard. The new collaborative arrangement will now see that data used to document a broad array of planet-wide changes in the environment and human society.

      This data, which focuses on atmosphere, agriculture, biomass, water and ocean, cryosphere, and the economy, will be included in the Earth Observing Dashboard allowing users to drill down into data-driven stories and interactively explore relevant datasets. The expanded Earth Observing Dashboard also provides direct access to a dataset exploration tool, which allows users to interactively explore the different indicators in detail.

      “At NASA, accessibility to data is a top priority,” NASA Earth Science Division director Karen St. Germain said in the announcement. “With our partners at ESA and JAXA, this is another important step to getting the latest information to the public about our changing planet, in an accessible and convenient way, which can inform decisions and planning for communities around the world.”

      The three agencies said they will continue to enhance the dashboard as new data become available.