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PredarSAR Plans for Constellation of 48 SAR Satellites 

By | June 23, 2020

PredaSAR plans to launch a constellation of SAR satellites into Low-Earth Orbit. Photo: PredaSAR

PredaSAR Corporation plans to launch a constellation of 48 commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites across multiple orbits to service government and commercial clients, the company announced June 18. PredarSAR says its constellation will be the largest SAR constellation. 

In March, the company announced it had completed a $25 million seed financing round, led by Rokk3r Fuel. Also in March, the company said it has partnered with Tyvak to manufacture and launch its first two SAR satellites. PredaSAR which was founded in 2019, is a Terran Orbital corporation. Tyvak is also a Terran Orbital corporation. 

The company said last week its spacecraft will employ a proprietar radar payload to create 2D Synthetic Aperture Radar images, 3D reconstructions of objects and the Earth’s surface, and customer-tailored data products. The company plans to service military and commercial customers. 

“I am thrilled to announce the 48 satellite PredaSAR constellation. It delivers unparalleled capabilities that meet the most demanding national security needs addressable by a commercial constellation, demonstrating our commitment to our U.S. Government clients. Setting such a high bar also allows PredaSAR to deliver outstanding products and services for our commercial customers,” said PredaSAR Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Marc Bell. “PredaSAR features a well-known and respected leadership team of trusted professionals with extraordinary depth and experience across both government and industry. With groundbreaking commercial technology, the PredaSAR constellation will deliver best-in-class, advanced SAR data products and services.”

PredaSAR’s CEO is retired U.S. Air Force Major General Roger Teague, and it’s Board of Directors includes three retired USAF generals — General William Shelton, General Richard Newton, and General Douglas Raaberg.