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Labsphere Developing Combined Satellite, Airborne Remote Sensing Network

By | January 31, 2020

Labsphere FLARE. Photo: Labsphere

Labsphere has begun constructing a commercial global satellite and airborne calibration network called FLARE. The company is combining Raytheon’s SPARC mirror technology, which it licenses, with its own technology in remote sensing calibration, to create and operate a network of FLARE sites for use by government and commercial entities. The first network availability is planned for mid-2020.

FLARE network aims to offer dynamic, instrument-tailored, fixed and mobile calibration sites that can be used by any type of imaging system to capture a calibrated “Look.” In a signal image, the FLARE look can provide a range of traceable imager optical performance information including radiometric and spatial performance. Labsphere’s plans for its FLARE technology to increase the frequency of verification and the fidelity of data from next-generation earth observing devices. The company will offer calibration as a cloud-based subscription service with a range of products at what it says are fractional costs compared to traditional vicarious calibration methods. 

“The SPARC mirror technology in the FLARE network provides a constant optical reference via global placement of small, automated, synthetic calibration targets tailored to individual satellites and constellations. FLARE’s on-demand, automated, flexible and mobile nature will augment the established vicarious calibration methods while providing an affordable, traceable calibration to any imager GSD for emerging ARD needs,” said Chris Durell, Labsphere Remote Sensing business development director.