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CropX Forms Major Precision Agriculture Partnership in Central America

By | December 10, 2019

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Agricultural analytics company CropX has partnered with Costa Rican agroforestry equipment vendor FarmAgro to provide satellite-powered precision agriculture tools to farmers in Central America.
The partners will deploy applications such as automated irrigation, soil- and crop-specific management, and Geo-tagging to more than 205 million hectares of banana, coffee, sugarcane, pineapple, melon, and mango plots. The services will be based on CropX farm management platform, which integrates data from its proprietary soil sensors with above-ground data layers, weather forecasting, satellite imagery, and crop models.
“Climatic variations across Central and Latin America are creating a new set of risks for farmers in the region. We are excited to collaborate with FarmAgro to help manage those risks and improve yields by increasing the penetration of our crop management tools in the entire Latin American market,” CropX President John Vikupitz said in a statement. “As we focus on our global expansion, CropX aims to become the leader in soil data science by delivering the only farm analytics platform with global deployments that offers integrated and accurate soil data
gathered by an advanced, soil sensor network.”
After deployment in Central America reaches critical mass, FarmAgro plans to expand CropX distribution to the entire Latin American region.