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Ursa Reveals China Macro Oil Storage Indicator

By | October 15, 2019
The Ursa Space Systems team. Photo: Ursa

The Ursa Space Systems team. Photo: Ursa

Ursa launched China Macro, a new oil storage product for portfolio managers, macro funds, long-term investors and market analysts. Ursa currently uses its satellite radar technology, specifically Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), to provide weekly measurements across China’s supply chains. The new China Macro tool will share macroeconomic and financial indicators within China and its ripple effects around the world.

This economic supply and demand indicator aims to provide a pulse on larger macro trends, allowing users to identify market inflection points and help predict future volatility. Additionally, the alternative data delivered via China Macro aims to better inform trading strategies and risk management.

“As the Chinese economy continues to move toward center stage, investors are searching for signals of the overall health of the Chinese economy. However, transparency into this economy is difficult to come by, and the unreliability of Chinese data has been well-documented with government statistical releases often met with disbelief,” said Daniel Baruch, director of global energy markets & business development at Ursa. “Ursa’s China Macro analytics will fill this void in the industry through its weekly inventory measurements, which represent a significant competitive advantage for portfolio managers, macro funds, or long-term investors looking for a bellwether of the Chinese economy.”