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LandSpace, Luokung Partner on Satellite Remote Sensing

By | May 30, 2019
LandSpace ZQ-2 Rocket specifications.

LandSpace ZQ-2 Rocket specifications. Photo: LandSpace

Luokung Technology, a spatial-temporal big-data processing technology company, formed a strategic partnership with LandSpace Technology. The two parties will work together, focusing on satellite remote sensing data applications as the main target market. They will jointly develop products and services including spatial-temporal big-data applications and aerospace application systems, and jointly build a measurement and control system for rockets, satellites, and earth stations.

Luokung aims to integrate its spatial-temporal cloud index technology and spatial-temporal big data processing and algorithm technology with Land Space’s capabilities, which aims to provide stable, efficient and customized spatial-temporal cloud computing support. This would serve clients in the spatial temporal big data processing, analyzing, transmission, and release services in internet and mobile internet.

To build a global coverage measurement and control system for rockets, satellites, and earth stations, Luokung will provide its  spatial-temporal cloud indexing technology, spatial-temporal big-data processing, algorithm, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for real-time tracking analysis and display of position trajectory and attitude of rockets and satellites.