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ICEYE, APSI Provide SAR Imaging to South Korea

By | May 15, 2019
Photo: ICEYE

Photo: ICEYE

Asia Pacific Satellite (APSI) and ICEYE, a provider of small satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology, have signed a memorandum of understanding about working together to support the South Korean NewSpace market. As a part of the agreement, APSI will supply ICEYE’s SAR imagery in South Korea and also provides mutual support from both APSI and ICEYE to deliver radar imaging related satellite solutions for the South Korean market.

ICEYE launched its second radar imaging satellite, ICEYE-X2, in early December 2018. The satellite launch was an initial step towards creating the necessary SAR satellite constellation of ICEYE for f satellite-based information about any location on Earth, regardless of the time of day, and even through cloud cover.

ICEYE is providing commercial data services to both government and industry users. The company is actively increasing the size of its SAR satellite constellation, with up to five more satellites being launched throughout 2019. ICEYE’s small SAR satellites can provider up to 1-meter resolution SAR images. APSI is a provider of equipment and services for multiple government programs in South Korea, and with the support of ICEYE’s technology, will grow to provide further data, hardware, and radar imaging solutions to the governmental and commercial customers in South Korea.