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ExoAnalytic Solutions, Northstar Earth and Space Collaborate on SSA

By | April 1, 2019
space debris LEO Earth

Space debris around Earth, artist rendering. Photo: ESA

ExoAnalytic Solutions and NorthStar Earth and Space are collaborating to develop commercial services to protect satellites and other space assets from collisions with space debris and other orbiting objects. The global telescope network of ExoAnalytic Solutions and the sensors deployed on NorthStar’s satellite constellation, will combine to help enable Space Situational Awareness (SSA) information. This collaboration was revealed at the 2019 Space Situational Awareness Conference in London.

The NorthStar information platform will use a 40-satellite constellation to collect information on the location of resident space objects (RSOs) and use analytics and algorithms to predict potential collisions. Driven by space-based measurements and algorithms developed by NorthStar Earth and Space, NorthStar’s SSA service aims to identify, track, and predict the trajectories of hundreds of thousands of objects in Earth’s orbit, now classified as space debris.

“Congestion in space is a clear and present threat to all space faring nations and managing assets in space is everybody’s business,” said ExoAnalytic Solutions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Doug Hendrix. “Satellite operators need independent, accurate data sources and tools to enable them to make smart decisions in real time. ExoAnalytic Solutions and NorthStar Earth & Space will offer the highest quality SSA data, tools and services to help ensure safe access to space for future generations.”