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Luokung Technology Enters Strategic Partnership with Chinese Engineering Center

By | January 24, 2019
China NASA

China as seen from space. Photo: NASA

Luokung Technology, a Chinese graphics data processing technology company, is strategically cooperating with the National Engineering Research Center for Remote Sensing Applications (the Engineering Center), which is China’s national-level center of scientific research and development, technological innovation, and industrialization in the area of remote sensing application. The two parties jointly established a national-level Spatial-Temporal Data Research Center.

The Engineering Center is supported by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Chinese Academy of Sciences, and harbors remote sensing data collected from global satellites through the China Remote Sensing Ground Station.

Both parties will cooperate closely to build a remote sensing big data application platform. In addition, the two parties will, in collaboration with distribution channels across the nation of high-resolution satellites’ remote sensing data, build an industrialized remote sensing cloud service platform.