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Inmarsat Debuts New Elevate IoT Partner Program 

By Rachel Jewett | May 10, 2022

    IoT visualization. Photo: Via Satellite

    Inmarsat is launching a new IoT partner program called Elevate to support businesses throughout the IoT ecosystem, the company announced Tuesday. 

    Inmarsat is increasing its activity in IoT as the market is growing. The company is rolling out Elera, an upgraded L-band network for IoT service using capacity from its I-6 satellites. The company believes the Elevate program to support the Elera network will help partners achieve double-digit growth over the next five years. 

    Elevate involves three pillars: a development program for IoT solution providers, system integrators, machinery manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturers who will use Inmarsat’s Elera satellite network; a partner ecosystem for knowledge-sharing; and an online marketplace for IoT solutions. 

    “Inmarsat ELEVATE will help our customers realize the promise of IoT anywhere, while empowering the wider satellite IoT ecosystem to make it a reality. The Elevate community will play an active role in addressing the planet’s really big challenges, helping build a more sustainable, efficient and safe global supply chain,” said Inmarsat Enterprise President Mike Carter.