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AssetLink Global Leverages Cellular Tech for Global Connectivity

By | June 8, 2018
The AssetPack-3 by AssetLink Global

The AssetPack-3 solar powered, two-way satellite tracker and sensor node by AssetLink Global. Photo Credit: AssetLink Global

AssetLink Global has launched its next generation AssetPack Internet of Things (IOT) device family designed for multi-mode simple to advanced tracking and managing of unpowered and powered assets located in harsh, hazardous and remote regions of the world. The AssetPack is a fully integrated device that can be installed quickly on nearly any asset, and is powered by a solar-recharging battery, engineered to deliver seven to ten years of service life.

The AssetPackā€™s robust on-board intelligence allows for a variety of industry applications from simple tracking to advanced sensor-based and business logic applications. Device configuration is available locally, remote Over-The-Air (OTA) using a cloud-based interface, as well as an Application Programming Interface (API). More than 28,000 AssetPacks have been deployed in the field and are used to track and monitor equipment in oil and gas, transportation, agriculture, maritime, construction and military logistics applications. This next generation AssetPack is commercially available in a satellite version today. The solar cellular version is available for demonstrations and trials and will be commercially available in the third quarter of this year while the solar hybrid AssetPack will be commercially available fourth quarter.

The AssetPack family collectively offers 100 percent global satellite connectivity, domestic and international cellular coverage, and a hybrid that combines both cellular and satellite connectivity with on-board logic for least-cost communications.