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Comtech Debuts New Elevate VSAT Platform

By | January 31, 2022

      Comtech releases Elevate VSAT platform. Photo: Comtech

      Comtech Telecommunications has released a new very small aperture terminal (VSAT) platform designed to support networks across any satellite orbit. The solution, Elevate, is the next step in Comtech’s long-term plan for business in the satellite ground station market. 

      Elevate is designed to work across Geostationary Orbit (GEO), Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO), or Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). Elevate is software-defined and can support very small to very large networks, supporting more than 500,000 remote sites. It offers maximum forward link capacity at 2.5 Gbps per service area,and return link throughput at 200 Mbps per remote. 

      Elevate brings together Comtech’s Heights dynamic network access (H-DNA), UHP multi-frequency time division multiple access (MF-TDMA) waveform flexibility. It also offers a new dynamic returns access modes (D-RAM) protocol to switch between H-DNA and MF-TDMA waveforms. 

      Comtech said Elevate can support applications including satellite cellular backhaul (including 4G and 5G cellular networks) and transmission of voice, video and data for IoT uses. 

      “Our new Comtech Elevate VSAT platform delivers unprecedented network flexibility and scalability to support a broad range of applications and markets, from broadcast and government to mobility and enterprise, using a single intelligent system,” said Michael Porcelain, CEO and president of Comtech.

      This news comes after Comtech just announced two new business lines focused on satellite ground technologies, based in the United States and Canada.