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Capricorn Selects Hardware Supplier for its Australian Satellite Teleport

By | December 10, 2019

Image courtesy of Capricorn Space.


Capricorn Space has contracted antenna systems supplier ViaLite to install RF- over-fiber links at its new Australian teleport, ViaLite announced Dec. 10.
ViaLite said that it would supply lossless, high-bandwidth links designed to connect the teleport’s main equipment room with outdoor shelters located next to the teleport’s S- and X-band antenna dishes. ViaLite also integrated its Blue2 dual modules for the antenna end of the links. The Blue2 solution integrates two modules in a single compact enclosure in an effort to save space and costs for customers.
ViaLite 3U also supplied rack cards and a chassis for the teleport’s main equipment room.
“We have had an excellent experience working with ViaLite and the flexibility the installed system provides is critical to the capability development as we bring our Western Australian site into commercial service,” Capricorn Space CEO Mark Thompson said in a statement.