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Spectra Group Orders $20M of Troposcatter Systems from Comtech 

By Rachel Jewett | November 10, 2023

Comtech’s Comet Troposcatter system. Photo: Comtech

Comtech won a $20 million order for its next-generation troposcatter systems from the U.K.-based Spectra Group to service NATO and European customers. 

The award is for Comtech’s Comet — Compact Over-the-Horizon Transportable Terminal — a light, man-pack troposcatter system for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications. Spectra Group is Comtech’s regional distributor of its Comet terminal in Europe. 

In September, Spectra Group received an $8 million order from the UK Ministry of Defence to equip the British Army’s 3rd (UK) Division with Comtech’s Comet systems. Spectra Group is also close to receiving additional orders for large quantities of Comtech’s Comet systems from other key NATO and European regional customers.

“These multiple customers for whom we’ve placed this order for stock, prove the confidence in Comtech’s Comet Troposcatter system and underline Comtech as being a world leader in this technology,” commented Spectra Group CEO Simon Davies. “The Comet Troposcatter system provides low latency, high throughput BLOS communications in austere environments in what is a challenging satellite denied environment against a sophisticated enemy with a high electronic warfare capability.”