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US Marine Corps Awards Viasat a Managed Satcom Contract 

By Rachel Jewett | January 25, 2023

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has awarded Viasat a contract for managed satcom service. Viasat announced the award Jan. 24. 

The contract comes after a pilot and follow-on service program in fiscal year 2022. Viasat delivered a satcom managed service to the USMC I Marine Expeditionary Force, the first commercially developed satcom as a managed service contract implemented by a USMC command.

The managed service provides beyond-line-of-sight communications to support Marine exercises, Marine Expeditionary Units, and Stand in Force rotational deployments with satellite connectivity and data transport. It includes roaming and always-on access across Viasat’s networks. It also will provide end-to-end, secure data custody from the edge back to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network via Viasat’s terrestrial network. 

“Viasat is very excited to continue its partnership with the Marine Corps and provide a fully managed satcom service that offers a dynamic and scalable solution to meet the demands of expeditionary forces,” said Craig Miller, president of Viasat Government Systems. “This is a modern satcom service that is designed to deliver the performance, flexibility and rapid deployment capability Marine expeditionary forces need – supporting operational readiness and enabling the USMC to easily leverage surge capacity for specific mission needs.”